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At the end of a successful Wellington-Waterloo Hunt Members enjoy a traditional breakfast — hunting style!

Our hosts generously open their homes inviting us to enjoy a potluck breakfast. Members enjoy the social interaction that comes with a good day of being outdoors in the open air.

Other times, our adventurous members mingle while enjoying the day outdoors for a tailgate breakfast!

There is always something to look forward to following the hunt.

Our ‘Drag Hunt’ allows members to observe in safety following their Field Master. The Huntsman casts the hounds as they search and follow the next scent. Meanwhile, members ride to follow the Huntsman to observe all the action. Our hounds can’t wait to lead the club onto the fields so everyone can enjoy what the hounds love to do: follow a scent! The scent is strategically laid or dragged by a horse and rider following a planned route. The hounds will find their favourite treats at the end of each drag. 

During the season our membership enjoys mid-week fixtures hunting from our Kennels. On Sundays (or holiday Mondays) we travel to various locations throughout our territory in southwestern Ontario to hunt our spring and fall fixtures.

In addition to the all the wonderful hunting fixtures for the season the W-WH Club hosts a number of other special events throughout the year, such as a Hunt Ball, Pony Club Invitational and Hunter Paces. Stay tuned for upcoming events and details here.

Riding to hounds is what we exist to do. However; the absolute most treasured benefit is the friendships created along the way. Friendships that span years and make life better in every way. We love our traditions, our hounds, our horses and our sport. Many would say, the greatest benefit is the people who make it all worthwhile to be a member.


Our club has riding members and associate members. Membership is for anyone with an interest in what the club is here to do — riding to hounds. Membership is for those who love horses and hounds, love to ride, love to socialize with a great group of individuals or simply love everything about being a spectator or supporter of our sport. If you would like to learn more or get in touch please email wwhuntsec@gmail.com.

Our best days of drag hunting, simulating a fox hunt, are here now in this moment. Wellington-Waterloo Hunt Club is celebrating close to 60 years of doing what we love to do; riding to hounds! Every hunt is a totally new and different experience. We embrace the traditions associated with our sport enthusiastically and passionately. The land we hunt allows us to follow the hounds as they pursue the scent over fields, hills, valleys, woodlands which span acre after acre.

Our Huntsman, Master Pat Van Esch-Dussault casts hounds to find the scent, assisted by the Whippers-In, while Field Masters guide members and guests into the most beautiful vistas rarely seen up close. The wonders of the freshness of the spring into the glorious colours of autumn — we see it all — stride for stride on our horses.

Wellington-Waterloo Hunt Club prides itself on providing memorable, exhilarating and exciting member experiences.

    Our kennels is a happy place for the hunt club's hounds. They are housed in groups in our well built, safe and sanitary lodges with raised beds, rubber mats and clean straw for the cold weather months. We work hard to meet and exceed health and security standards set out by local kennel bylaws, the Masters of Foxhounds Association of North America (MFHA) and regional animal welfare organizations. The hounds are exercised all year around with free access to fresh water and an outside run. They are vetted annually and receive inoculations and deworming as prescribed by our vet. Hounds are regularily walked out by the honorary Huntsman and volunteers who enjoy the hounds and the exercise. Every hound is registered with the MFHA, which keeps track of bloodlines and ensures the continuity of foxhound history.

Visitors are always welcome to the kennels! Contact the Huntsman if you wish to come out, visit and enjoy the company of these friendly canines.

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