Riding to Hounds in Wellington & Waterloo Counties and Surrounding Areas in Southern Ontario

About Us

Tally Ho!

The Wellington Waterloo Hunt is a small friendly group of enthusiasts who enjoy the camaraderie and sport of Riding to Hounds.

For more than 45 years, we have hunted hounds on Sundays and Wednesdays throughout the Spring and Fall seasons. Honorary Life Master, Gordon Bingeman, MFH, stresses that the Hunt is a sport for anyone who loves the outdoors and riding across open country. They have a great time while following the traditions of foxhunting.

Wellington-Waterloo Hunt is a drag hunt. Instead of chasing an actual fox,┬áhounds run after a scent that is dragged by a rider or runner. The drag is laid in advance of the hunt and as the Huntsman guides the pack, they hit the line and go off on a great “chase”. The Field (the group of riders following the hounds) is treated to a wonderful view of hounds running like one unit, noses to the ground, voices singing in full cry. It’s a sound that one can only appreciate when you are on the back of a good horse. At the end of the drag hounds are praised, given a reward, packed up and moved on. Unlike the United Kingdom, foxes do not present a large problem to farmers of Ontario; therefore there is no need for population control.

Some people have the image of Foxhunting as a bunch of horses galloping over fields at breakneck speed and flying over intimidating jumps. The Field does enjoy some great runs, but there is always the Field Master to make sure that any unsafe ground is avoided as far as possible. As for the jumping: There is always a way around so that those who don’t wish to take a jump don’t have to!

For newcomers to the sport, a second, slower “Hilltopping” field is provided with its own Field Master. This is a non-jumping group and is ideal for horses who have not hunted before as well as new riders.

Anyone who enjoys riding, likes to see new places and meet new people with the common interest of good times from the back of a horse, is invited to come out and see what Wellington-Waterloo Hunt is all about.

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