Riding to Hounds in Wellington & Waterloo Counties and Surrounding Areas in Southern Ontario

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Paul Sherman, MFH, Joint-Master, Huntsman
Phone 905-212-9355
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Judith Barr, MFH, Joint-Master
Phone 519-888-7266
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Jeff Peller, MFH, Joint-Master
Phone 416-953-5863
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Pat VanEsch Dussault, MFH, Joint-Master
Phone 519-740-6245
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Barbara Hard, President
Phone 519-751-1561
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Jayme Barnes, Vice-President
Phone 519-458-8605
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Marcia Lowes, Hon. Secretary
Phone 519-756-1523
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Peter Creighton, Hon. Treasurer
Phone 905-691-3819
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Tamara Beckstead, Director
Phone 519-837-7719
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Virginia Buchanan-Smith, Director
Phone 519-822-1859
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Lynn Smillie, Director
Phone 519-843-5908
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Anne Peace, Director – Supporter Members
Phone 519-836-0354
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For general information E-mail W-WH